About us
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YourDog.se is a small company started by Catarina Wik in Sweden.

Catarina began by painting portraits in 1996 to customer.


At a dog show in Stockholm, she came second two years in a row on an amateur exhibition organized there. (The years 2000 and 2001)

It was the start of a series of portraits painted to Swedish dog owners on their own dogs, but also foreign dog owner!


Catarina has painted portraits in Australia US Japan, Norway to name a few!

Catarina has always had a passion for dogs

when she is also a breeder. Your Choice Kennel is the name!

Catarina love painting dogs!

Websites for kennels and image editing is something she also produces for customers.


YourDog.se is a website where some of Catarina's products will appear.

Is there anything you're wondering about, you can just write a few lines to Catarina,

so maybe she can help you with your inquiry .....


Catarina is a multi-talented of dogs!


YourDog.se is a way to further development of various dog supplies


YourDog.se shall stand for good quality, products of breeds name printed on the products.

A future idea, Catarina's own painted portraits and other dog owners

own portraits / photos printed on various products.



Products of high quality, with lovely attitude is the idea!


This is YourDog.se!